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Our Work, 2023-2021


Palace of Paleo Psychiko


The listed buildings A and B in Paleo Psychiko were built at the beginning of the 20th century and are an important example of interwar architecture. Their exteriors are adorned with a rich architectural decoration of reliefs and stamped mortar elements of the 'work of art' type.

As part of the proposals for the overall restoration of the listed buildings A and B, located at 18 Diamantidou Street and 17 Sismanoglou Street in Paleo Psychiko,

POLITISTICA has undertaken the supervision of all the maintenance and restoration works of the approved studies, as well as the execution of the maintenance and restoration works on the painting and decorative elements of their facades.




POLITISTICA is a main partner in the partnership of the SaveWoodenBoats project for the rescue of the emblematic, classified as a historical monument, traditional wooden boat "ELENI P".
The ELENI P, one of the largest traditional wooden boats of the "pole" type that have been rescued (total length 22.20 m), was built in Skiathos in 1935 and lifted in 1951. Its construction has been carried out entirely with hand tools and pre-mechanical techniques, which were used for centuries in the Aegean tarsands.


In the framework of the current project partnership, the POLITISTICA team has undertaken the conservation, documentation and promotion of the parts of the vessel that can be preserved, the complete study of the construction of a physical replica of the vessel, as well as the design and creation of a 3D digital replica, with objectives related to the promotion of the Greek traditional woodworking and maritime cultural heritage.

Specifically, POLITISTICA carries out targeted and specialized diagnostic and conservation works of the wooden and metal parts of the vessel, design works, as well as documentation and promotion works, in collaboration with the other partners of the project, the "Historical Archive - Museum of Hydra" (IAMY), the "Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage and Intangible Cultural Heritage" (DNPK) of the Ministry of Culture, the departments of "Forestry, Wood Science and Design" (DEXYS) and "Information Technology and Telecommunications" (ITT) of the University of Thessaly and the research and development company "READ-LAB".


Stoa Foroglou


The project concerns the preparation of all the maintenance and restoration studies and the implementation of the approved works of the construction and decorative structural elements of the facades of the ground floor and the first floor of the listed building known as "Foroglou Stoa", at 8 Agios Minas Street in the historic centre of Thessaloniki, with the main objectives of their preservation and the return to functional and safe use.


The POLITISTICA team carried out the necessary analytical and documentation work for the preparation of the preliminary (analysis) and diagnostic study (synthesis, proposal) for the conservation of the morphological elements of the building.
The building of the Foroglou Lodge is part of the set of preserved buildings on Agios Minas Street and is one of the only examples that survived the great fire of 1917. It is a commercial arcade with shop openings to the interior, a typical architectural feature of the centre of Thessaloniki during the last century.


Monastery of Saint Anastasia

Preparation of the study for the conservation of the wooden carrier on the bell tower of the Monastery of Agia Anastasia Farmakolitria in Vassilika, Thessaloniki.

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