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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our work is based on the belief that proper cultural management plays a critical role in arts and heritage preservation and promotion.


Through our close collaboration with professionals in the humanities and technology, we are able to handle and process a wide range of cultural and heritage-related works.

The products of our programs are documented and presented through scientific, innovative methods, to support the specific needs of individual facilities and programs.

Our research and laboratory centers provide comprehensive and cost-effective services for cultural heritage research and management, across a broad spectrum of activities.

The POLITISTICA team consists of professionals in the conservation of antiquities and works of art, with masters and doctoral degrees in a wide range of cultural fields, excellent scientific training and many years of professional experience, as well as all humanities and technological professionals.

The experience of all the partners in each area of their involvement, is evidenced by the projects’ attested progress and results during our 20 years of existence.

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