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Architectural & Restoration Studies

Architectural and restoration studies are important areas for the protection and study of cultural heritage.

Architectural studies are concerned with the design, construction and development of architectural projects. These studies focus on the design of physical spaces, buildings and infrastructures. Architects use drawings, models, technical measurements and technologies to design and implement architectural projects. These studies often combine aspects such as aesthetics, functionality, sustainability and safety. Architectural studies can include the construction of buildings, bridges, amphitheatres, memorials, sports stadiums and other architectural creations.


Restoration studies are concerned with the reconstruction and restoration of architectural or historic structures that have been destroyed, have deteriorated or have lost their authenticity. Restoration studies include the analysis of the original design, the discovery of original materials, the application of traditional building techniques and the restoration of original features, taking into account the history of the building. Restoration studies can include the restoration of old houses, churches, castles, monuments and other historic buildings.


Architectural and restoration studies contribute to the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage and ensure that architectural masterpieces and historical creations can be preserved and studied for future generations.

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